Is WSET Level 3 Difficult?

WSET Level 3 booksExcuse my filthy mouth, but WSET 3 is so fucking hard. It’s not something to take lightly like level 1 and maybe level 2. I thought the latter was difficult, but it has nothing on level 3.

I just can’t keep up with the reading material and can’t seem to retain the information. I learn something new practically every sentence. Seriously, whole chapters are highlighted. There’s also the full-time job thing and exercise to fit in my life as well. And the social life? Kicked to the curb for now.

If you visited my about page, you’ll know I thought I didn’t do very well in level 2. I am experiencing this lack of confidence again in level 3. Feeling this is good, though despite how uncomfortable I feel when the teacher asks me a question I don’t know the answer to. It means I’m being challenged.

Having talked to someone who has passed it, as well as going through this myself, I know there’s no trick to passing this. It’ll come from hard work over time. And that’s what I’m struggling with right now. But you know what they say, anything worthwhile is not easy.

This may seem like a wishy washy, what the hell is the point of this? post — I hope it’s not. I’m trying to stay true to my goal for this blog and it’s to show you that regardless of what you know, there will always be something to learn, so don’t sweat it. There will always be someone who knows more than you. If you want to speak with more confidence, you have to put in the time. It’s just like being healthy and fit. You need to put time in the gym and work hard while you’re there. Just like anything else in life.

Real life friends, don’t forget about me, please!!! I’m sorry I won’t be available until the end of November to hang out. In the meantime, and this is an invitation to everyone, follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

2 thoughts on “Is WSET Level 3 Difficult?

  1. Yes WSET Level 3 is difficult. There is the 2 part final exam; a blind tasting, and the written exam. With the blind tasting, you may not guess the right wine, but if you make good notes, that counts for points. The exam is very hard. I suggest reviewing the book as often as possible.

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