How I’m Studying for WSET 3

Acck! Kicking myself for not registering for WSET 3 earlier so I would’ve gotten the books earlier and would’ve read everything well before classes commenced. Not sure where I’m going to find the time and I’m simply, at this point, playing catch up. I can’t change that now, but what I can change is how I approach my studying and this blog for the next few weeks.

I’m struggling in this course and maintaining my weekly schedule of updating this blog eats away at the little study time I have.

Russian Blue Cat, Fancy.

I likely have this expression when the teacher asks me a question I don’t know the answer to. This is my cat, Fancy. She’s pretending like she didn’t know it’s wrong to scratch the couch.

A light bulb went on the other day as I was stressing out about how I’m going to learn everything in the limited time.

Along with blind tasting and multiple choice, part of the WSET 3 exam is short answers. We could be asked to discuss any topic from the wine making process, to a country’s region, to sherry, or to the naming conventions found on the label in a given part of the world. It can be on anything in the book and I need to know every detail written in there. That frightens me.

I’ve been sharing tidbits of what I’m learning in my weekly posts, but going forward until the exam date approaches, you’ll see daily posts from me Monday to Friday.

But wait, didn’t I just say blogging takes from my precious studying time? Let me explain how I’m approaching this. I’m going to focus on a topic and then write a blog post on it. My daily posts will likely be less than 200 words starting off, unless — or rather, until l I become a brilliant WSET 3 wine monster.

This challenge will not only help me retain the information, it’ll also keep you, hopefully, entertained and learn a few things along the way.

Are you on Instagram? Fancy is! Her handle is @fancy__p. I’m on it, too @VinoVanny. Follow us!

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