How is Whisky (or is it Whiskey?) Made?

Is it spelled whisky or whiskey?

Depends what country it’s from. It’s whisky if it’s made in Scotland. While in Ireland and the US, it’s whiskey. My trick to remembering? Ireland and US both start with a vowel and they spell it with the vowel e.

The spirits section of the WSET 3 book was quick to read through, but I just couldn’t fully understand. What does the whisky making process look like? What do pot stills look like? So I went on YouTube and found this great video.

I don’t know how people studied for this sort of stuff before without all the resources we have today with just a few keystrokes away. I mean, it’s so much easier to remember how whisky is made after watching this video.

A lot of the introductory points in the book were touched in this video. I’m sure I can find one on Bourbon, too because although a whiskey, there are differences in how it’s made like the use of backset (leftover acidic residue) to increase the acidity of the wort (and if you missed it in the video, the wort is the sugary substance after the grain has been crushed and then mashed with hot water).

So, I did it this weekend! I finished the book front to back! What now? Oh, I’ll have to reread the whole thing two more times given what little I retained the first time around! Wish me luck.

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