Don’t save the best for last!

Really? Is it already Wine Wednesday? At the same time I’m asking myself, where’s Friday? Today, I’m not going to talk about anything in the WSET 3 book. Instead, I want to pass on advice that I heard on the Wine for Normal People podcast.

wine at dinner party

Holiday parties are coming!

The holidays are just around the corner and you’ll be invited to dinner parties and you may even host some (I love dinner parties!). Elizabeth Schneider, the not-at-all-snobby sommelier made a good point in one of her podcasts about serving wine at parties. She pointed out, how many times after a party do you remember having a bad or good bottle of wine at the end of the night?

Closer to the end of the night, everyone has had a few and everything tastes pretty good by then (I think we can all attest to that). Rather than saving the best for last, Elizabeth suggests opening the best bottle when everyone is in a state to completely appreciate it: near the start of the evening.

I think she used a nice bottle of champagne as an example to celebrate the New Year. When are you going to enjoy it? When you’re drunk?

Bordeaux wine Grand Vin de Chateau Lato

Enjoy something special like this before any buzz creeps on you. You certainly don’t want to miss out savouring this.

So remember when you host your next dinner party, end the night cheap!

I think this is sound advice. What do you think? How do you usually go about serving wine? Do you save the best for last or end it cheap?

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