Update on this Wino’s Journey

I wasn’t going to make an announcement here until I got my hands on it. Feels more official that way, but it’s not going to be for a while. When the WSET 3 exam time ran out, I felt relieved for a split second followed by worry for a few days. I failed, I thought.

Back in February, I got the official word… I passed the WSET 3 exam!

Woot! Yes, I passed! Not only that, I achieved merit, which means my mark was anywhere between 65% to 79%. I was so happy! I’m still happy. These past few weeks though, I’ve been thinking about how I can improve without the stress. I’m not ready to take on level 4. I need a break from the intensity and there’s an outlying part of this journey that I want to visit. You can’t argue that wine doesn’t greatly enhance the gastronomic experience. So, although I plan on pursuing my wine studies further, I think I need to become more of a foodie. I have to admit that my knowledge of spices and ingredients is limited to Asian cuisine. This pursuit should be enjoyable enough. I am a food monster, after all! I want to refine myself in said arena to be a more well-rounded information source, and to discover even more delights in the marriage of food and wine.

What does all this mean? I’m paying more attention to what is in my food and the preparation of it when I go out to eat. I’m experimenting with new recipes, more so than before. And for the time being, I’m slowing down this journey, savouring it. I’ve been shy about writing food pairings, and this would be the perfect opportunity to change that. Hope you’ll continue to follow along.

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