Summer Reds

Having had the day off yesterday to celebrate Canada Day, for a moment, I thought it was Monday. Time is just going by way too quickly! But I’m happy it’s summer. I’m totally enjoying the sunny hot weather, going bicycling with the bf and of course, enjoying a cold bevy. Sometimes it’s beer. Sometimes it’s a mixed drink. Sometimes it’s wine.

When it comes to wine, though, sometimes a white, rose or sparkling is not what I’m in the mood for. A red in the summer, @VinoVanny? Yeah, sometimes I feel like a red on the patio.

So, what reds do I like for summer on the patio?

Pinot Noir/Red Burgundy

I love Pinot Noir. Red fruit like strawberry and raspberrry, low to medium body, lighter tannins, maybe some earthiness. Enough umph to slowly savour the flavour, but light enough so as not to coat your mouth and make you want to reach for water. Perfect with BBQ chicken.

pinot noir inniskillin

Vibrant red fruit on the nose, medium tannins, light to med body easy to drink pinot noir. Satisfying finish too. Have you ever taken in the smell of wood chips? That’s what I detect in this. Would pair well with olives, lightly seasoned fish.

Burgundy is a region in France. The red grapes grown there are predominantly Pinot Noir. Indeed, when someone says Red Burgundy, you know they are referring to a Pinot Noir from the Burgundy region in France.


Red Burgundy aka Pinot Noir from France’s Burgundy region. Exposed mostly to new world Pinot Noir, the bf said it doesn’t smell like the other Pinot Noirs. He did smell the typical red fruit though.  I think it could well with tomato sauce pasta, too especially on a summer evening.

The main difference between new world and old world is the earthiness. You can see through the glass, as you can see. That’s how light tasting it is, too!


Ahhh, Pinot Noir’s ugly sister. That’s how people describe Gamay anyway. Gamay is light body, fruity, not complex, ready to enjoy young and oh-so-easy to drink. Sounds more like the fun sister to me! The truth is, though, Gamay is the love child of Pinot Noir and a white varietal Gouais.


This Gamay was purchased on my wine adventure in BC’s Similkameen: light body, low tannins, med high acidity, short finish. Strawberries galore.

Gamay is the grape in France’s Beaujoulais. Both are fresh, fruity (red fruit) and best consumed young. Because Gamay/Beaujoulais aren’t as complex as Pinot Noir/Red Burgundy, I like to enjoy the former without food. But I can see it tasting good with some fresh strawberries out on the deck. Meat wise, it would have to be something that is not heavily spiced or sauced, something light like white fish.

There you have it: my preferred summer reds. Do you enjoy a glass of red out on the patio? Would love to know which ones and why. Even a specific bottle, I’d love to know. Please share in the comments or tweet me @VinoVanny.

2 thoughts on “Summer Reds

  1. Great read Vanny! I hardly venture from my usual wines but you make me want to try the pinot noir red burgundy. I’ll be sure to let you know what I think when I do.

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