The truth about screw cap wines

Screw caps don’t have the greatest reputation. This past weekend, I was at a friend’s BBQ and she was drinking Shiraz. A cheap one, she told me. “What do you mean?” I asked. She said, “Oh, because of the screw cap.”

I was baffled. I should’ve asked to try the wine. At $18.99 a bottle at the BC Liquor Store (I googled it later), it certainly shouldn’t taste what a cheap $8-10 bottle tastes like.


Here’s the wine… Have you had it? If so, thoughts?

The bf, being a budding connoisseur himself and having tasted many good screw cap wines, including the La Stella rosé we had last week, pointed out that that doesn’t necessarily mean the wine isn’t good. He’s right. There are lots of good wine in screw cap bottles. Look at New Zealand. Wines from there are not cheap and more importantly, they’re tasty. And nearly every bottle there is sealed with a screw cap.

Screw Caps Should Get More Love

Corks are a centuries old tradition and wines that require aging before they reach their prime usually have corks. Some people believe that corks slowly allow a bit of oxygen in over time which helps the wine mature.

Screw caps, on the other hand, are impermeable. This is a good thing, though. Many of us aren’t wine collectors and screw cap wines aren’t meant for aging. In fact, the majority of wines, regardless of closure type, are best consumed young (within a year of bottling). And just because a bottle isn’t intended for aging doesn’t mean it doesn’t taste good. Simply enjoy it for what it is, a wine with lots of fresh fruit flavour.

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