Pad Thai, Spring Rolls and Wine

Pad Thai and deep fried spring rolls are two of my favourites from the Asian cuisine. This past weekend, the bf and I had a couple friends over for dinner and regardless of what else I serve, I like to always have spring rolls out as appies. Not to brag or anything, but my spring rolls are mmm mmm good!

spring rolls

My spring rolls!

One day, when I measure the ingredients, I’ll post my recipe here. My Pad Thai is sometimes delish and sometimes just okay. It was the latter this past weekend, in my opinion.

Pad Thai and Spring Rolls Wine Pairing

Let’s think about what Pad Thai and spring rolls are like. They’re both greasy! And what pairs well with greasy food? A wine high in acidity. People automatically think of having a Gerwurtztraminer or Riesling.


Had this Gerwurtztraminer with my Pad Thai a few months ago and it was good!

These are great options especially if the Pad Thai is spicy. The sweetness of these wines coats your mouth from the heat.

Certainly, the above-mentioned work, but you know what I think is an even better pairing for Pad Thai? Sauvignon Blanc. That’s what we had, plus a bottle of Riesling. Did you notice that when you order Pad Thai, a lemon or lime wedge is almost always included? Sauvignon Blanc has a citrusyness to it that obviously complements Pad Thai well. It was great with the spring rolls, too.

Watermelon and Sauvignon Blanc

What wasn’t so great was when after dinner I had some watermelon, then a sip of Sauv Blanc and all I could taste was lemon in my mouth. Although it wasn’t the most pleasant surprise, it was a good reminder that what you drink with your food can make or break the experience.

It just occurred to me then that Sauv Blanc may go well with pho. Mmm, gonna have to try that! Have you paired pho with Sauv Blanc? Ha! Have you had pho with wine? Let me know what successful and/or failed pairings you’ve had in the comments below.

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