3 Wine Myths Dispelled

screw cap wine

Last month, I talked about screw cap wines and how they’re perceived as being lower quality compared to wines sealed with a cork. Today, I want to dispel a few more myths.

Food pairing with red or white wine

Myth: White wines pair well with white meats and red wines with red meat.

Truth: Although the above can be true, it’s not always. When pairing food and wine, you have to consider other ingredients like spices, sauce, richness. Let’s take fish for example. If the sauce described on the menu is strong, you may want to consider a red that will match the flavour intensity.

Quality of inexpensive wine

Myth: If the wine (750 mL) is under $15, it must be not-so-great or at the very most, just drinkable.

Truth: Here in Canada, we pay a lot for decent wine compared to our neighbours down south and certainly compared to the rest of world. But that doesn’t mean we can’t get a good bottle at an affordable price (under $20). In fact, a wine that I bring to dinner parties where I know people don’t share the same appreciation for wine retails for around $12 here. A very good Malbec is about $12 here, too.


FYI – it’s a screw cap as well!

Aged wine

Myth: Wine gets better with age.

Truth: Most wines are meant to be consumed within a couple of years of bottling. Unless you have the right temperature control, and you’re aware of what an age-worthy wine is like, you’re better off opening that bottle you just got. In fact, it’s an educated guessing game for wine experts. Sometimes keeping it too long ruins the wine, sometimes it’s perfect, and sometimes after tasting the wine, you conclude that it could’ve seen some more time in the cellar.

I’m sure there are a more myths I can address. What have I missed? Is there anything you’re uncertain about? Please leave me a comment below.

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