Last minute gift ideas for the wine lover

It feels good to be back. Today, I thought I’d make an appearance for all you last minute shoppers with winos in your lives. It’s not your typical list of things though. This holiday season, consider giving the wine lover the gift of an experience. An experience is unforgettable, whereas a bottle of wine could be, unfortunately.

The best part about the gift of an experience is, you can probably get the confirmation sent by email once you make the purchase and all you have to do is package/wrap it up nicely. You’re welcome.

Wine Tour

Do you live near a wine region?

Okanagan Valley

Only a 4.5 hour drive from Vancouver, BC is the Okanagan Valley.

There are companies in most wine regions that offer some sort of package tour, whether it’s starts at a winery or a limo picks you up at home. A google search will show you what’s available.

Want to take the self-guided route instead? Book a hotel or bed and breakfast in the area and that’ll be your confirmation date. Throw in a bottle of wine from the region and a reveal on the hotel confirmation that you’re going on a wine tour! How cute is that?

If you don’t live near a wine region or know that your wino would like to discover another, then book a trip! I know, easier said than done. Flights can’t be cancelled, but hotels have good cancellation policies. Some allow you up to 24 hrs before the date to cancel without penalty. Read their cancellation policy. So perhaps you can start off with a hotel confirmation, along with a bottle of wine from the region. Figure out flights later.

Why not just give a bottle of wine, you ask? Because there’s no “offficialness” to just a bottle of wine. When you see something on paper, it’s official, you’re doing a wine tour!

Wine Education

If your wino has been contemplating getting some sort of formal training, give them a gift certificate to enroll in WSET 1.

It’s the perfect intro for people who want to learn more about wine, but aren’t sure they want to dive deep into the wine world. There are classes in Vancouver that are only 1 day long, and at the end you take a multiple choice test. You can also choose to spread it out and attend a few classes over a month.

Wine Tasting Festival Tickets

The fiance and I got a pair of tickets to the Vancouver International Wine Festival last year as a gift from his brother. I loved the thoughtfulness.

VIWF 2014

If there’s a wine festival in a city near you, tickets to the event will be very much appreciated. One of the best wine related gifts I’ve received.

Wine Tasting Event

If you know your wino is already going to the festival, perhaps give them tickets to complement the experience. When there’s a wine festival, there’s usually smaller events that happen around that weekend as well. For example, a food and wine pairing sit down event.

food and wine

Pairing Italian food and wine. Starter: Buffalo mozzarella, heirloom cherry tomatoes, herb salad, burrata cheese, herb crostini, parma prosciutto, wild arugula, basil infused olive oil. Awesome.

Wine Tasting Session

Perhaps a wine festival isn’t possible. Every major city will have sommeliers. You can find one that offers wine tasting sessions, a private one or one open to the public. Events like this in Vancouver where you can taste a flight of wines in an intimate setting and have the knowledge and attention of a professional answering your questions.

Have you given any of these as gifts? What kind of wine related gifts would you like to receive? Please share with me in the comments.

Only a few hours left… Get clicking and I hope this list helped!

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