I’m humbled you’d want to know a bit about me. I’m just a fellow wine drinker on the internet. If I had to summarize myself though I’d say I’m a fun-loving, love to dance and socializing sort of girl. Put me in a room with music and I can’t help shaking what my mama gave me, and yeah, even when I’m alone in my living room (admit it, you do it too!).

I absolutely love wine and I don’t know many people who don’t. I do know, however, that people are intimidated, just as I was. And who can blame us with the snobbery many wine enthusiasts give off?

I love how the right wine pairing can make a meal unbelievably amazing. I love the history and culture behind wine. I love the stories of each winery and its intimate connection to the wines produced. And it doesn’t hurt that wine adds class to any sort of party. With all this, why wouldn’t anyone love wine?

In December 2012, I decided to take the introduction course offered by the internationally renowned Wine & Spirit Education Trust. I wanted to learn more about this hobby of mine, wine drinking that is. And since then I’ve been contemplating a blog, but I was never really confident enough to start one and what the heck would I write about? What tastes good and what doesn’t?

In the spring of 2013, I enrolled in the intermediate level (level 2). I was probably in the bottom three of the class at the beginning because most people worked in the industry either in hospitality or in the distribution end. And they all knew a lot more than I did. They were taking it for “professional development” while I was doing it for fun. Anyway, the exam comes along and I’m not confident. Working full-time plus taking the fast-track course (same material, condensed time) didn’t leave much time to study. Completed the exam and I thought I failed. I dwelled on it for maybe a week because, well heck, the course was nearly a grand and I fail? I eventually managed to not worry about it and a few weeks later, I learned I pass and that I would be getting my certificate in the mail. I’m elated! A couple of weeks after that, my certificate arrived and guess what? I passed with merit! I was ecstatic and couldn’t help but share the news on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Anyway, that was what ignited me because you know what? I may not know it all, but I do know more than I think and this blog will be about that: my journey in the world of wine and my growing understanding and appreciation for this ancient drink.

In September 2013, I enrolled in WSET 3 and it was tough. Not having read the material before the course started put me at a disadvantage and it was hard to play catch-up with the demands of a full-time job as well. Come exam time, I did not feel prepared. I thought again I failed the exam…. but guess what?! I passed and I passed with merit!

You are very welcome to tag along on the journey. I post on Wednesdays (just remember, Wine Wednesday or #WineWednesday). I hope my blog will show that you can still discuss your appreciation for wine with what you know. Who cares if the so-called wine expert can detect barnyard when you’re getting hints of chocolate? You may be both right. I’ve learnt that the more I talk about it, the more I know. So here’s to the “it tastes like wine” journey – Bottoms up. Cheers!

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